The Hefty Price I Paid: Trading Racy Images for a £200k Lamborghini

EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Ferguson is one of the most successful racy models in Britain and as a consequence she is ruthlessly targeted by trolls – here she explains how she deals with it

A former lap dancer paid for her £200,000 Lamborghini by selling f*nny pics – but there was a big drawback.

Chelsea Ferguson, 34, has been in the adult industry for over a decade and her success has made her a self-made millionaire.

But her fame has come at a cost – as she started receiving online hate when her Instagram post went viral four years ago.

While she meant to be provocative when she posted about her luxury motor online, she didn’t expect keyboard warriors to take things so far.

She explained: “People don’t realise that everything I used to say or when I went in the media or on Twitter it was all for a reaction, a share, for it to go viral.

“Everyone just needs to take what I say with a pinch of salt. It’s not always the real me.

“Some stuff is… I just add a little sparkle on there for entertainment value, just when TV shows get edited.”

But Chelsea, who is the CEO of subscription site AdmireMeVIP, said anonymous accounts still pester her online.

She no longer reads the hateful comments and she has even advised her family members to avoid them.

The Hartlepool babe, who has since become a mum to a two year old boy, said: “I get trolled on anonymous forums but I don’t go on there.

“I tell everyone I love not to go on and look because I don’t want to know what is on there because I feel like if you are on an anonymous forum, talking s**t about people you don’t even know, then probably do really need to get a life.”

After the infamous Lambo post, one aggressive commenter said: “Earn some respect you little pr***.”

Another wrote: “Money definitely can’t buy you respect or class.”

A third articulate social media user went with: “OMG another deluded buffoon.”

Afterwards, Chelsea said: “Why are people sooooo mad at me?

“I’m not hurting you, hurting your family, I’m happy, I’m safe, I’m making money.

“I take pics in my own house and upload them, if ya wanna pay to see it, ya do, if ya don’t wanna pay to see it, ya don’t.

“It’s really that simple.”

It’s been a busy four years for Chelsea – who is now thriving as a mother and businesswoman.

And asked what her younger self would have made of her now, she said: “If she could have seen me as a mam she would probably not have believed it because I never wanted but it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

“It definitely made me as a person completely change my outlook on life and I am just so happy that I got the opportunity to be a mam.

“I am not just taking it every day as it comes when it comes to motherhood and I am always just trying to be happy really. Happiness is my ultimate goal and my son’s happiness, they are the most important things to me.”

Chelsea now lives with her son in a plush six-bedroom house that has a cinema room and three bathrooms.

Such luxury would not have been possible without the loyal fans who have backed her work since her early 20s.

Acknowledging them, she concluded: “I am so grateful to those people. There are some who literally followed me since ‘t**s on tour’ on Twitter in 2011 or 2012.

“I have some really good supporters on there and I couldn’t be where I am today without them, so I really am grateful to everyone who has supported me.”