Fans are captivated by my lucrative £24k monthly venture of popping balloons with my ʙuттocks

Daniella Motta has revealed her unusual way of raking in the cash – popping inflatables for people with balloon fetishes. The unique business venture earns her around £24,000 a month

An influencer revealed her unusual way of raking in the cash – popping inflatables for people with balloon fetishes.

Daniella Motta, a content creator with more than 50,600 followers on Instagram, (@danimotta__ ), claims the unique business venture earns her around £24,000 a month.

The 21-year-old reportedly first began using the practice as a money-maker after one of her fans requested she play with a balloon by bursting it with her bum.

The model thought it was a birthday request but soon realised that many people find these items Sєxually arousing. And she now pops more than 20 balloons a week for paying fans online.

She said: “The first time someone asked me to create content with balloons, I thought it was for a specific celebration. I thought they wanted me to say happy birthday or something.

“Then I received other very similar requests, that’s when I understood that this was a fetish that really existed.”

This particular kink is known as inflatophilia, where a person gets Sєxual gratification through interaction with inflatables – from balloons to blow-up dolls or other adult toys.

This can also fall into the broader term of objectophilia or objectum-Sєxuality, which is a term used for people Sєxually or romantically attracted to inanimate objects.

She said: “Some [fans] ask me to caress the balloons and rub myself against them, others ask me to blow and pop them with the force of my hands. I take requests seriously, I respect each person’s fetishes.

“[The first times I did it]. I received many views [on my videos] and guaranteed a very attractive financial return. I offered what they asked for and I don’t regret it because I saw the reach and positive results I had.”

Daniella has recently shared a snap of herself sensually posing with a bundle of balloons on a bed, uploaded to Instagram, with the post racking up nearly 1,000 likes.She wrote to fans: “Have you heard of inflatophilia? Is it the inflatable fetish or the act of inflating. Believe me, I get a lot of requests to create exclusive balloon rehearsals for my platforms because people have interest, desire and pleasure to see.