‘People mocked my “pepperoni” boobs when ɴuᴅᴇs leaked – now I’ve won awards for them’

Famed ‘Library Girl’ Kendra Sutherland – one of the few women in the adult industry to use her real name – revealed the hurtful comments people made about her when she was starting out

A notorious porn star who sH๏τ to fame for filming a Sєx scene in a library says she was once mocked for her cleavage.

Kendra Sunderland’s journey into the adult industry started when she was expelled from Oregon State University for filming a Sєx tape at its library.

She has since won multiple awards for her chest which was even immortalised in a limited-edition sweatshirt by rapper-turned-designer Kanye West.

But Kendra said people weren’t always approving of her figure.

She told the Pillow Talk podcast that trolls “called me ‘pepperoni nipples’ when my first ɴuᴅᴇs got out”.

Host Ryan Pownall was stunned at the trolling, saying “AVN have you a ‘best Boobs’ award… that’s an Oscar!”

Sidekick Jackson O’Doherty also weighed in, saying he personally rated her boobs at “a 10, maybe a nine point five?”

Thanking the duo for their kind words, Kendra also explained her infamous Sєx scene that saw her labelled “Library Girl”.

She said: “I was going to college at OSU and I started webcamming to make money, and people told me I would get famous if I went someplace public.

Some fans suggested a Starbuck coffee shop but the adult star felt it was too risky so she opted for the library on campus.

Unfortunately for Kendra, someone took her webcam video and uploaded it to the world’s biggest porn site with her legal name, which led to dramatic consequences.

Still only 19, she was expelled from the university and banned from its campus. Even the webcam site she had been working for dropped her and she also ended up being prosecuted for public indecency, eventually having to pay a $1,000 fine.

All that led her to Los Angeles, and a nine-year career in porn. She was contracted to leading studio Brazzers for many years but now is a free agent and “free to spread my legs and fly”.

But even though Kendra says she’s only doing “high end” porn this days, things can still go wrong on set.

Sometimes quite horribly wrong.

Kendra says she was shooting a scene with three blokes, recalling: “Everything was great and then we were taking pictures on the bed.”

One of the blokes “was sitting next to me on the bed …and when he stood up I looked at the bed sheet there’s a giant sh*t-stain … like a streak.”