‘I’m paid for my looks but fear black market bum implants will kill me’

Emma Rose says that illegal silicone injections in her bum have left her unable to sit down for periods – and terrified that even a minor accident could prove fatal

A transgender adult star fears she may one day die from her black market plastic surgery.

Emma Rose is one of the most popular trans Sєx workers in the US, earning a fortune from her appearances in dozens of specialist porn movies.

She’s spent more than £80,000 over the years on multiple surgeries to enhance her look, including £6,300 on her boobs.

But it’s the work she had done on her bum that gives Emma the biggest concern. “I got black market on my bum, so I have silicone there,” she told Matt Cullen on his YouTube series Our Queer Life.

“I got it twice because I got it done in my hips and so many girls asked me this like ‘Oh I want to like get silicone ‘and I’m like ‘I want to get it taken out like in like 30 or something’.

“But even then, I’m so scared that instead of the just them needing to suck it out I’m gonna have to have it cut out and then need a blood transfusion and do everything.”

Emma said the silicone bum implants are quite hard to live with, adding: “I can’t sit very long on a hard surface. I try to lay on my stomach as much as possible…

“If I sit on anything I bring a pillow, especially on long flights I always have like a big fluffy pillow with me.”

The procedure was carried out by an unlicensed pracтιтioner in an a H๏τel room, a scenario that is known to have resulted in more than one death.

And the porn star added that she is “still scared of complications”.

“If I get into a car wreck and if it smashes my side and if it goes into my bloodstream then I’m gonna die.

After getting it done I’m like ‘was that worth it?’ probably not …”