Nickelodeon Star’s Parents Express Support for Their Child’s Career Change to Racy Adult Site

EXCLUSIVE: Madisyn Shipman ditched her acting career on shows like Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers to appear as a content creator on Playboy’s digital platform

One former Nickelodeon star says her parents are all for her racy new adult site career.

Madisyn Shipman made a name for herself on shows like Game Shakers Red Ruby, along with starring in kids’ films like The Peanuts Movie and Ordinary World. She even starred alongside Russell Brand in the 2011 film Arthur.

But Madisyn’s last acting project came in 2022 in an episode of sitcom Call Me Kat, and she’s concentrating on both posing for Playboy and making music. With a music career that’s fully funded by her earnings from the site, she says her parents are just as supportive now as they were of her acting.

Born in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Madisyn is the oldest of four children – with her parents Jen and Tracey Shipman helping her secure a talent agent aged just five. Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she revealed: “I’ve been acting since I was seven so it’s all I’ve ever really known.”

She went on: “I’ve learned that I thrive in the entertainment industry and wouldn’t be able to make it in the ‘real’ world. I’m very blessed and I have the utmost respect for my parents for letting me follow my dreams, helping me navigate this world and offering their continued support!”

But despite the support she’s had from friends and family, Madisyn has been left overwhelmed by the amount of fetish requests she receives from fans on the platform. She revealed: “No judgment here, but I would say the unusual requests are usually related to certain fetishes. That was definitely a shock to my system. I prefer to keep my conversations with fans more PG.”

Adding: “The great thing about the Playboy platform is that they let creators decide how they want to express themselves and their Sєxuality. For me personally, the raciest my content ever gets is a pH๏τo in lingerie or a ʙικιɴι.

“I refuse to feel ashamed for embracing my body! It’s frustrating that people ᴀssume the only reason I’m successful is because I must be showing everything.”

Madisyn has been named one of the top creators on the site with her ʙικιɴι sH๏τs, after being convinced to sign up by a few Nickelodeon co-stars. She explained: “I’ve always had a feeling of repression in relation to my body and my Sєxuality, so, in all honesty, joining Playboy had never even crossed my mind.

“One of my girlfriends from another Nickelodeon show started working for Playboy and invited me to a basketball game that Playboy was hosting out of the blue. I thought ‘what the hell, I’m going to go and have fun.’ So I went and the rest is history! I absolutely love working with Playboy and I’m so grateful for all the wonderful relationships I’ve created.”