MAFS Star Nikita Jasmine Endorses Exclusive OnlyFans Account for Sharing Sensational PH๏τos

Married At First Sight’s Nikita has made a big impact during the premiere episode and become the H๏τ topic of fans discussions, but did you know she has her own OnlyFans page?

Married At First Sight UK kicked off last night and the star of the show so far seems to be Nikita Jasmine, a Geordie girl with a self-declared “big mouth”.

Her brash behaviour seemed to have put her in the bad books for many viewers, with tonnes taking to Twitter to claim that she was “rude”.

But what fans may not know is that Nikita has her own OnlyFans page where she uploaded racy material.

Nikita works in sales in County Durham but also models for lingerie and underwear brand, Belle Ragazza alongside having her own OnlyFans page.

On the website, she can be seen posing half naked and cupping her breasts under the user name xxxnjh where she describes herself as a “northern girl” along with being “half English / half Thai”.

She has 44 posts uploaded to her grid and offers a subscription for £9.99 per month.

Nikita seems to be the most-talked-about contestant so far after two new couples tied the knot during Monday night’s premiere episode of the rebooted Channel 4 series.

But Nikita wasn’t impressed with her match and moaned about Ant to the camera on multiple occasions.

Having expressed a keen interest in marrying a muscular hunk with veneers, 27-year-old Nikita was less than impressed to find Ant, 28, waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

“He’s f*** all what I’d go for,” Nikita said to the camera of her initial reaction to Ant.

“[The experts have] just f***ing done the total opposite of what I asked for.

“I mean, obviously I was talking about looks quite a lot.

“Looks was a huge thing to me and I don’t think they’ve listened to what I’ve said.”

Despite her doubts over Ant, it was viewers who were turned off by Nikita’s “rude” atтιтude and swearing, with the saleswoman uttering “f***’s sake” within seconds of meeting Ant at the altar.

Many fans took to Twitter to comment on Nikita’s antics, which drove her to release a statement on her Instagram account.

She uploaded a snap of her and Ant kissing and said: “I can’t stress this enough that @e4mafsuk is a reality show and it is edited completely for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!

“Myself and Ant hand on heart had a great day filming our wedding as did our friends and family that got on like a house on fire. They have to dramatise things to make it look extra and juicy so you are at the end of your seat eager to see more!

“Unfortunately they didn’t show much of our good bits but anyone at the ceremony can vouch it wasn’t as harsh as it looked! I’ve always been an honest person & true to myself.”