‘My Journey in the World of Sensual Filmmaking: My Personal Catalog of Men I Declined to Engage with Intimately’

EXCLUSIVE: Dani Daniels has a very saucy career – but there are strict rules when it comes to her work. She rakes in thousands, but she admitted there were certain people she’d never hit the sheets with

People stereotype saucy careers in all sorts of ways.

They ᴀssume things about people, their Sєx lives and their personalities based on their job alone.

But one woman ensured she had the power when she entered the adult industry – by selecting the men she wanted to sleep with.

Dani Daniels, 33, made her millions in porn after entering the industry 12 years ago.

The biSєxual star started by doing girl on girl flicks, before branching out to men who were on her approved list only.

And now, she’s best known for her solo, POV content – and hasn’t had Sєx with anyone but her husband since 2016.

Dani previously told us about how she now only sleeps with her husband, despite still making racy content.

But earlier in her career, she made it very clear if she didn’t want to sleep with certain blokes.

If you didn’t make it onto the “yes” list then you didn’t have a chance of getting into bed with her.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Dani said: “My yes list was more for men than women. My yes list for women was miles long! Haha!

“Women had to enjoy being with women (not be gay-for-pay, as we would say), be hygienic, show up reasonably on time and be pleasurable to be around.”

She continued: “For men, I had to have somewhat of a chemistry with them – who wants to get f****d by someone they can’t stand?

“They had to also be reasonably on time, hygienic and you know – believe it or not – being able to keep your c**k hard is a big ‘must have’ for me. I didn’t want to be pulling taffy all day.”

Though you may think this may dampen a guy’s confidence, she never approached it as a “you didn’t make the cut” game, because she didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

But if someone found out, and asked Dani why she wouldn’t work with them, she would be honest about it.

Luckily, this rarely happened, and her “yes” list ended up being something she kept close to her chest.

“Most performers respect each other’s boundaries and desires, so if they found out they were on someone’s no-list, they would more than likely respect it rather than bring it up,” she said.

“If a director or company hired me, I would have a constant up-to-date list that my agent would submit to the companies and tell them ‘these are the performers Dani will work with and has (or feels like she will have, if we had not worked together yet) great chemistry with’.

“From the perspective of the director (which I did do myself for a short while), wouldn’t you want to book two performers (or more) that you knew got along great and would give you a great scene?

“I always asked performers, when I hired them myself, whom they loved to f**k or wanted to f**k.