Fans Shower Praise on Italian Sports Presenter’s Stunning PH๏τo, Hailing ‘Flawless Aesthetic’

Viewers struggled to keep their eyes on the ball after Italian sports presenter Kristel Talamonti’s latest Instagram upload left her followers H๏τ under the collar

Sporтιтalia presenter Kristel Talamonti has once again got her fans looking anywhere except at the ball.

The Italian football host took time away from her broadcasting duties this week to take a quick snap while on set. A couple of days after Inter Milan slaughtered rivals AC Milan 5-1 to take a firm grip in the Scudetto stakes, Talamonti was dazzling in her own way with more social media gold.

And the blonde beauty – who has more than 28,000 Instagram followers – spent time between takes to pose for her fans. The sH๏τ shows Talamonti sat with one leg crossed over the other and a football clutched by her side, with a collection of balls from other sports also perched in the background.

However, certain subscribers weren’t interested in those items as their attention was instead drawn elsewhere. And some were more tactful than others in getting their message across.

“Soccer, basketball, rugby balls are fine, but I don’t like the leather and I’m aiming for spherical perfection,” replied one admirer, accompanied by a string of drooling and heart-eyed emojis. “And in this picture I really think I see her.”

“Big ups to the pH๏τographer,” praised another in appreciation of whomever took the snap. “The best Sporтιтalia presenter,” gushed a third.

It’s been almost two years since Talamonti was first selected to join the Sporтιтalia team after emerging as the top candidate from a field of 75 entrants. She’s since become a regular on camera and regularly rounds up the action from Serie A and Italy’s lower leagues.

And her popularity only looks likely to keep rising as long as she continues to delight her viewers on both TV and social media. Talamonti has gone from relative nobody to Italian heartthrob in less than 24 months, but she’s proved she has the football nous to back it up.

It can only put her in good stead to keep climbing the ranks as her list of disciples also continues to grow. Even if not all of those are paying much attention to the stunner’s analytical content.