Mother-of-Two Earns $60,000 Monthly on OnlyFans, Faces Parental Judgment, Yet Remains Committed to Her Children’s Well-being

OnlyFans star Lucy Banks revealed on Wednesday that she is constantly ‘mum-shamed’ for her work on the X-rated platform.

The adult entertainer and mother-of-two, 31, who brings in between $35,000 and $60,000 every month, said people call her a ‘bad parent’ for her raunchy work.

Lucy made the heartbreaking admission on the Xposed podcast as she spoke with former high-profile Australian escort Samantha X, whose real name is Amanda Goff.

‘Every single parent says I would die for my kids, I would do anything for my kids, but as soon as I do OnlyFans or someone does Sєx work — all of a sudden it’s “you’re a bad parent,”‘ she said.

‘No, we’re not bad parents we’re doing whatever it takes to provide for our kids. I’ve been able to stay at home, I’m at school events and I don’t have to have a nanny or anything like that.’

Lucy went on to say she can be ‘the best mum’ and still do porn without her X-rated work affecting her children.

‘When I talk about my work with people quite often they’ll come back and say, “But you’re a mum,” but so what? How do you think I became a mum?’

It comes just a few months after the self-described ‘H๏τ mum’ copped backlash online for claiming she’s the ‘favourite’ among dads at the school gates.

Lucy said the cheeky comment was intended as a light-hearted joke, but instead she was ruthlessly ridiculed by strangers.

‘Guess why I’m the favourite mum amongst the school dads. No seriously guess,’ she wrote alongside a winking emoji at the time.

The single mum from Perth recorded herself sitting in the car outside the school gates and shared the clip online where it had 1.7million views.

‘Because your humble?’ one asked, while another wrote: ‘Because you love yourself?’

‘No ring… that’s why,’ a third added. Another said: ‘You reverse into parking spots.’

Others were far more ruthless with one person writing: ‘I cant think of anything sorry.’

In 2019, Lucy decided to ditch her 9-5 banking job and start her OnlyFans career. Today she brings in between $35,000 and $60,000 every month.