Arabella Chi flaunts her stunning figure in two seductive swimsuits as she relaxes following her summer break on Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht

Arabella Chi appeared to be enjoying the last vestiges of a memorable summer as she shared her latest social media posts on Sunday afternoon.

The former Love Island contestant has been an unlikely pᴀssenger aboard Leonardo DiCaprio’s luxury yacht during his extended tour of the Mediterranean over recent weeks.

And Arabella – whose connection to the Hollywood star comes via her current boyfriend, nightclub impresario Richie Akiva – clearly wasn’t ready to hang up her ʙικιɴι as she took to Instagram with a handful of new pH๏τos.

The 32-year old model showed off her slender physique in two separate sets from online retailers PrettyLittleThing and Nova Fashion, in images taken during her recent overseas jaunt.

Arabella, who has since returned to London, is pictured modelling a black ʙικιɴι with a distinctive tie-string detail, before showcasing a vibrant green swimsuit with cut-out panels.

This summer, the model had been soaking up the sun in Ibiza with boyfriend Richie and his extended group of friends, among them Oscar-winner DiCaprio.

The couple were seen sharing a pᴀssionate kiss as they relaxed on board a yacht in the Mediterranean sea last month.

Arabella and Richie, who has a rich history of rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s finest, looked smitten as they shared a smooch while relaxing in the sunshine.

The former Love Island contestant was also reportedly seen rubbing shoulders with Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire – one of DiCaprio’s closest friends.

A source previously confirmed that Arabella and Richie were enjoying their summer romance together.

‘She lives in Ibiza now so when Leo and his mates came to town she was invited on board their yacht,’ they told The Sun.

‘It’s a world away from the Love Island villa but Arabella is totally at ease with anyone and everyone.

‘She’s been treated like a queen on the yacht with Leo and his pals and is clearly having the time of her life.’

It’s not known how long Arabella has been seeing New York native Richie or where they first met.

Richie has been a regular on the New York club scene since his teen years and opened the legendary 10ak nightclub in 2007.

He is the CEO of the ʙuттer Group which owns other popular venues in the city including Up & Down and ʙuттer.