‘I’ve bonked over 720 lovers – being a gran turns people on and Sєx is my fuel’

EXCLUSIVE: Andrea Sunshine, 53, is fairly open about her Sєx life after revealing she’s slept with over 720 people. Now she explained more details about her intimacy

Fit gran Andrea Sunshine is not тιԍнт-lipped about her Sєx life.

In fact, the London-based influencer has had over 720 lovers in her bed and she’s not afraid to admit it.

The Brazilian model, who boasts 420,000 Instagram fans, loves getting jiggy so much that she claims it’s her “fuel”.

Now in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Andrea spilled the beans on how fans love that she’s a gran.

The 53-year-old was quite the tease when we asked her what she’s been up to lately.

When quizzed on her bedroom antics, she replied: “Of course I’ve been having fun. Sєx is my fuel.”

The biSєxual influencer started to let her hair down with Sєx after her divorce around 18 years ago.

And being a gran is something that turns people on.

She bedded over 720 people, both men and women, as she likes to keep active in and out of the bedroom.

Although she’s had many one-night stands, Andrea is satisfied with her flings at the moment.

She claimed to date around 3-5 people a week and has enjoyed a flurry of open relationships for the past three years.

So if you do the math, it’s a fair amount.

But Andrea isn’t ashamed of her bed count, in fact, she’ll do just about anything to embrace it online.

The influencer admitted: “I have strong self-confidence and pride for what I’ve achieved in the past 53 years in life.

“I believe in addition to this, I can make people feel more comfortable in their own skin to embrace their Sєxuality.

“I opened a positive discussion about what everyone thinks about their own Sєxual freedom.

“Many followers are taking a stand, and showing their support.”

Andrea previously admitted she loves open relationships that bring “good Sєx”.

And when it comes to the kind of people she dates, she loves someone who dominates.

She added: “I love someone who leaves me feeling disoriented, without air.

“I love it when they pin me to the wall and bite my neck, and take control.”