Inside Barbie fetishes at ‘world’s largest brothel’ – from doll kink to role play

EXCLUSIVE: Licensed Sєx worker Ariel Ganja from Sheri’s Ranch revealed the intriguing world of Barbie fetishism among her clients as the new film was released in cinemas this week

It’s been Barbie fever for the past few months.

The film finally hit cinemas on July 21 – and all that everyone’s talking about is how life in plastic is so fantastic.

As for the kinky world of Sєx, Barbie is certainly on people’s minds.

Now a licensed Sєx worker spilled the beans in an exclusive chat with Daily Star on how Barbie fetishes.

Ariel Ganja, who works for Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, US, said it’s quite a common kink.

She’s been at the brothel for four years and has actively participated in various Barbie-themed sessions.

Ariel said: “If you’re a Sєx worker that happens to be tall and blonde, there’s a good chance you’ve received requests from clients to take part in Barbie role play and other doll-related kinkiness.

“There’s a bizarre attraction to Barbie for many adults. Many women opted for cosmetic procedures to resemble Barbie, other adults emulate the doll through their home decor and certain people entertain Sєxual fantasies.

“Over time, I realised there is an obsessive subculture surrounding the doll and a portion of people infatuated with Barbie are inclined to engage in Barbie-styled Sєx activities.”

She also revealed the majority of her Barbie fetishists are men between the ages of 40 and 60.

On rare occasions, some couples explore doll fantasies with the Sєx worker.

Ariel even discussed a Barbie fetish party where it involves dressing up in shades of pink.

She detailed: “The session also involves styling my hair, arranging and decorating my bedroom to mimic a dollhouse or playset, and enacting rather mundane storylines or narratives.

“In these scenarios, the client may ᴀssume the role of Ken, Barbie’s love interest.

“Surprisingly, these sessions rarely involve actual Sєxual activity, as the client derives immense pleasure from the act of dressing, undressing, and engaging in imaginative scenarios with their living doll.”

The Sєx worker seems to think these fetishes are driven not by the need for dominance, but rather by a longing to partake in activities denied to them during their childhood.

She continued: “Obviously I’m not a psychologist, but I strongly suspect that many of these clients grew up in situations where playing with fashion dolls and exploring their feminine side was discouraged.

“These men come to me so that they can privately and shamelessly indulge in their deep-seated desire to immerse themselves in a world of make-believe, express their creativity and enjoy the process of pretending.”

And with the release of the new movie, the Sєx worker said it’s resulted in more requests for her services than usual.

Ariel concluded: “People have Barbie-fever all over the world right now, and that excitement extends to the adult industry.

“My bookings for Sєx role play are certainly on the rise and I have Margot Robbie’s new movie to thank for that.

“As the movie cleans house at the box office, I think people may be surprised to learn that Sєx workers will also be cashing in on the film’s success.”