‘I’m a Barbie with curves – men are obsessed with my look and want to marry me’

Adrielly Lima, 23, boasts over 2million Instagram followers where she flaunts her jaw-dropping appearance. Now the “Barbie with curves” opened up about how men love her fake look

A model who claims to be a “Barbie with curves” discussed how fans often say she resembles the plastic doll.

Adrielly Lima is a huge internet sensation where she boasts over 2million followers on her Instagram page.

The 23-year-old Brazilian bombshell has a waist which measures 60cm and hips around 110cm.

And while fans often comment on her appearance online, Adrielly is also turning heads out in public.

In fact, strangers stop her and tell her how much she looks like the famous doll.

She said: “I always get a lot of messages from people saying I look like Barbie, it’s a common thing.”

Adrielly currently has 400ml prostheses in her boobs, but she’s thinking about having other surgeries to look like a doll.

She added: “I’m thinking of having another liposuction to keep my waist very slim.

“Maybe I’ll have rhinoplasty to harmonise my face a little more.”

The model hates labels like “Human Barbie” which are women who modify themselves to look like the doll.

She claims that five plastic surgeries may have unconsciously influenced her to become more like Barbie.

And Adrielly adds that her appearance draws attention from men.

“I think my appearance is something that fulfils the male fetish universe,” she admitted.

Adrielly continued: “I represent what men imagine.

“They think about what it would be like to be married to a woman who looks like Barbie, but with curves.

“I am that person.”

The influencer also says that “not everything is joy” and the тιтle gets in the way of relationships.

She concluded: “There are some clichéd excuses, but I’ve also received unimaginable things.”

According to her, a man once said her curves were too much and that it didn’t work out after “bad Sєx”.

“I am definitely the Curvy Barbie in real life,” she gushed.