‘I love my tattoos – I don’t care if people cross the street to get away from me’

EXCLUSIVE: Aimi Leigh, 48, is a former stripper from EsSєx who started getting tatts after she left the job behind. She is sick of people judging her because of her appearance

A woman who started getting tattoos after her stripping career ended has revealed how people unfairly judge her appearance.

Aimi Leigh, 48, goes by Tattoo Doll online after a recent rebrand that has her finally feeling like herself.

The blonde bombshell was a stripper for 15 years – and the club she worked at didn’t approve of people getting ink done.

While she cheekily did get a tattoo on her vagina that was hidden by her knickers, she got the rest of her impressive inkings once she quit.

Now Aimi has tattoos on her neck, chest, ribcage and stomach as well as the back of her thighs, just to name a few.

She also has gone under the knife a variety of times, so far having had two boob jobs, liposuction, two Brazilian ʙuтт lifts, two eye lifts and a set of veneers.

Sadly, she is judged by people for her decision to alter her appearance.

She told Daily Star in an exclusive chat: “Because I have tattoos and piercings people are a bit wary of me. Some people cross the road when they see me sometimes.

“I went to the dentist a few weeks ago and I was absolutely appalled by what he said.

“I’ve got tattoos and I’ve got my face piercings and where we live it’s quite a nice little village and [the dentist] said to me, ‘What you’re doing to yourself is self-harm.’

“When I told him I got my teeth done in Turkey he said that was more self-harm.”

Aimi told us she wasn’t impressed by his response and wished people would stop judging others for their decisions.

Thankfully she doesn’t let people’s nasty comments bother her – and she even finds some of them amusing.

“I sometimes get hate comments, one man recently said ‘Please don’t go in the ocean, we’ve got enough plastic in there.’ It did make me laugh because it’s quite funny,” she said.

“I’m so thick-skinned to it because it’s not really me they’re talking about, it’s Tattoo Doll.”

Not only does she have strangers disapproving of her tattoos, but she also experiences this from family members.

Aimi added: “My mum says to me, ‘What’s gonna happen when you’re 90? You’re covered in tattoos’ and she said I’ll look all wrinkly.”

Despite all of this, her inked-up appearance does occasionally have its advantages.

“A few weeks ago, I was walking my dog in the woods and I had my hood up. Three guys came towards me with an Alsatian and they had been drinking and said ‘Our dogs going to eat your dog like a taco’ because I’ve got a little chihuahua.

“I think they thought I was a little old woman underneath this coat so I literally took my hood off showcasing my neck tattoos and said ‘F*** off boys I’m not in the mood.’

“They just left me and I thought I must have looked scary.”

Aimi is worried she’ll one day run out of space to tattoo as she wants to get more pieces done.

She told us she has an addictive personality and one day plans to get face tattoos, despite everyone in her life telling her not to.

“I love doing [getting tattooed] and it’s an addiction. I like the shock factor and if people say I can’t have it, I’m going to have it,” she said.

“I think tattoos contour your body if you have them in the right places. I’ve got some on my stomach and it makes me look more curvy than I actually am.

“If I have ones done on my cheek it’s going to contour my face more. I have my chest done because I’m getting old and I was getting crinkly cleavage and you can’t see that now.”