‘I only had £5 in my pocket when husband left me – but now I’m a Sєxy star’

Channel 4 documentary ‘Confessions of a Cam Girl’ stars mum-of-four Sarah Obsessed. Here, we take a delve into the star’s life – including why she started her racy career

Sarah Obsessed is a mum-of-four who was left with just £5 to her name when her ex-husband left her.

After being left high and dry, Sarah turned to being a cam girl in order to cover the costs of her kids’ essentials.

And now she’s become a social media and modelling star.

Here, we take a look into Sarah Obsessed’s life as she stars in saucy Channel 4 documentary, Confessions of a Cam Girl.

Who is Sarah Obsessed?

Sarah Obsessed is a 33-year-old single mum-of-four – two of which have special needs.

The London-based cam girl is a full-time parent and has dabbled in X-rated modelling on the likes of OnlyFans to help her family get by.

When her husband left, Sarah needed to be home and look after her young children aged 16, 11, 10 and seven.

Sarah took up cam two years ago as she could work the hours she wanted and all from the comfort of her home.

“I started cam because my ex-husband left me and my four children with £5 to live off of,” she candidly told us in an exclusive interview.

“So I started cam initially to cover things like school shoes, school trips, and food shops.

“I have two children with special needs, and I needed to be at home and available for them.

“With cam, I can jump on whenever it’s needed, there’s no set hours.”

She has tried her hand at many jobs before she took up modelling as her source of income – including a care worker and manager of beauty salons.

Stunning Sarah often posts ʙικιɴι-clad snaps to her 51,000 Instagram followers and she likes to dress up kinky latex dresses too.

How much has Sarah Obsessed earned?
As many models claim to make thousands off of their X-rated jobs, Sarah is more modest with her earnings.

She admitted that she only does cam work to pay for her children’s essentials – which does not bring in “mega bucks” for the mum.

But, Sarah is keeping the actual figure close to her chest.

She has shared how much she is offered for “weird” requests though.

“The weirdest request I ever had, was when someone asked me to squat in the bath and poo – obviously, I didn’t do it,” the mum said.

“They offered to pay £100 extra.”

Sarah is planning to take up the cam girl work on a more full-time basis.

She hopes that the Confessions of a Cam Girl documentary will break the stigma around being a Sєx worker – and how much they earn.

“Not all of us do this for the mega bucks,” she candidly shared with us.

“Some people just jump on, so they don’t have to go to the food bank that week.

“Also, I do hope that people realise, that you can be a good mum and still do this job.

“This stigma people have over mums and Sєx work needs to stop; we are just normal people trying to do what we can for our children.

“I have only ever done cam for extra money for the children’s essentials.

“Although I am now going to start camming full time, so let’s see how much I can earn now I’m putting more hours in.”