‘I make £4k a day repeating words and hair tonging popcorn – trolls call it odd’

EXCLUSIVE: Model and creator PinkyDoll, 27, from Canada, exclusively spoke with Daily Star after her TikTok Live videos acting as a NPC went viral all over social media

A model claimed she makes £4,000 a day by repeating words and making popcorn with hair straighteners.

PinkyDoll, 27, from Canada, recently went viral all over the internet after her unusual TikTok Live clips caused mᴀss intrigue – and confusion.

The blonde haired content creator acts as a NPC (non-playable character) – a background character in a video game that is not controlled by the player.

Along with her vacant eyes, animatronic movements and limited catchphrases, it’s easy to mistake PinkyDoll as, well, a video game generated busty doll.

But, she’s very real – and making a lot of real money.

PinkyDoll – who has a son – took some time out from repeating “ice cream, so good” and popping corn with hair tongs to exclusively chat with us about her rise to NPC fame.

She shared: “I started doing TikTok because I heard some people were making some serious money on it.

“So I said, ‘ok I’ll try to get the bags [money] too’ and plus it was helping me to get more customers for my OnlyFans.

“I wanted to do something interesting and I remember I saw someone doing only popcorn and had 16,000 views. So I said I’m gonna try it too, but in a different way and style.

“To be honest I had no idea what NPC was.

“I started to do that NPC stuff because my fans kept telling me I look like a NPC and they were sending a lot of gifts when they were saying it.

“So I decided to push that NPC stuff to the next level.

“Like I said, I didn’t know what NPC was.

“But, all I knew the minute I started to do that NPC stuff, my views, customers and the money were boosting.

“So I kept pushing until it blew up.”

And her bizarre clips have certainly done just that.

PinkyDoll – who is originally from Seychelles – now racked up 400,000 TikTok followers (and counting).

Many of her videos hit over a million views, with her Live clips attracting thousands of watchers.

So how does she earn money from pretending to lick ice cream and acting as if a record got stuck?

As PinkyDoll streams, TikTok users send her virtual ‘gifts’ or ‘coins’ – that can be converted into real money – which appear as emojis on screen.

The content creator – who used to be a stripper and a cleaner – then responds with the same phrase and action all while thanking her fans for sending gifts in the same breathe.

And casually makes popcorn with her hair tongs at the same time, of course.

She’s claimed to have made £34,000 from TikTok Lives so far and can make £4,000 in just a day – and she’s only just getting started.

“I remember I received a notification when I was on Live on TikTok saying my Lives have gone viral,” the mum explained.

“I was on Live and shocked and trying to keep up with people to try not to show how much I was shook.”

She added: “After the Live I was so happy and screaming.