Fans left astonished by Miley Cyrus’ hair evolution, reminiscent of her infamous ‘2009 makeover’

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus as totally switched up her look and swapped her iconic blonde for a darker tone, but her loyal fans have completely lost their minds over the change

Miley Cyrus has switched up her iconic blonde hair colour for something totally different and fans have gone wild for the star’s nod to her Hannah Montana days.

Cyrus has sported bleach blonde for many years and it was the staple colour her Hannah Montana character’s wig, but it seems she is actually returning to her Miley Stewart roots.

The Midnight Sky singer has ditched her iconic colour for a rich, deep brown and fans can’t believe the change after she took to Instagram so debut her brand new look. In Cyrus’ new snaps, the singer could be seen gazing at the camera wearing a large black coat and clutching a red handbag.

She appeared to be wearing little to no makeup and wore her brand new brunette locks in a middle parting, while the fluffy layers framed her gorgeous face. The background was totally black and Cyrus appeared to be sitting on a white wire chair, surrounded by a leafy green plant.

For her second selfie, the camera got closer to her face to show off her striking features. Miley perfected her pout for the picture and looked down the camera lens with her unmissable blue eyes.

In the last picture, Miley stood up and tilted her chin as she looked down upon the camera below. She opened her mouth and widened her eyes as she posed with the crimson clutch bag under her arm.

In the caption, Miley wrote: “@sabatods Congratulations on your beautiful debut show as creative director @Gucci [black heart emoji] Your stunning heart was shown in every sтιтch. I love you [and] I’m so proud. Now give me everything.”

Fans rushed to the comment section to praise the former Hannah Montana star and fawn over her incredible new look. One person couldn’t get over Miley’s new hair colour and wrote in capital letters: “OMG, you are totally brown again. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this moment for like 10 years.”

Others gushed over “Miley being brunette again” as they posted GIFs from her acting days when she had brown locks.

Another person admitted that they “thought these pictures were from 2009” while someone else added: “We needed a warning before you dropped this hair!”

More fans flocked to share their thoughts – one said Miley “looks more and more like her mum as she gets older,” another noted that her “natural hair colour brings out her eyes” and someone else “welcomed her back to the dark side”