“Exploring Open Relationships: My Experience Allowing My Wife to Connect with the Pizza Delivery Boy, But Facing Unexpected Challenges”

WARNING: SєxUAL CONTENT: A couple who share videos of their wild Sєx life online got in trouble after they gave a pizza delivery driver a very unconventional tip

A couple with a very unconventional relationship say they nearly got banned from a webcam site after a very racy escapade with a takeaway delivery driver.

Holly Jones is a H๏τwife, which means her husband Vincent has no problem if she has Sєx with other men. Many of her extramarital adventures take place on camera – and are streamed on an adult webcam site too.

But on one occasion, the pair took fans’ requests a little too far. Holly spoke to podcaster Holly Randall about the raunchy moment.

Holly revealed she routinely answers the door topless when she’s expecting a delivery. And one night after she ordered a pizza her fans were daring her to go a little further.

She said: “I was encouraging them to ‘make a yellow wall’ – which if you know camming that means ‘pay me, pay me, pay me’ and they did.

“I just got really into hearing the jingles of the yellow wall and I thought ‘I’m just gonna do it’ so then the pizza guy came and I answered the door ɴuᴅᴇ”.

The clearly delighted pizza delivery driver handed Holly her food, and then she invited him in – supposedly so she could sign for it. But one thing quickly led to another.

Vincent had been hiding in the garage all this time, controlling the cameras that fed the live stream. Holly asked the wide-eyed pizza boy if he wanted to “have some fun” – and he eagerly agreed.

“Next thing you know he’s trying to keep a magnum condom on,” chuckled Vincent. He explained that the super-sized condoms are the only ones that he uses, but they were a bit of a loose fit for their guest.

But nevertheless, Holly said: “We just ended up having a great fun night”. The only problem was that, it later emerged, you’re not supposed to invite guest stars onto your webcam stream.

“I kind of got run trouble with MyFreeCams,” Holly explains, “but they said ‘it’s OK, just don’t do it again’”.

But they did do it again. A year later, they had moved house but their new home was still within delivery distance of their favourite pizza place – which Holly accidentally named during the interview.

She said: “I ordered a pizza again… and it was that same guy. I didn’t recognise him at first but he recognised me. So I invited him in again so we could relive a little moment in history”.

Meanwhile, Vincent was upstairs watching all the action unfold on camera. “Her answering the door for a Doordash or Pizza delivery is very rare anyway,” he revealed.

“We had ordered from the same place, because we like their pasta,” Vincent said. But they hadn’t been planning on a sequel to their viral Sєx stunt.

He added: “Next thing I know I’m running around setting up cameras!”

The couple accept that their very open style of relationship isn’t for everyone. Vincent explained: “Some people’s taste buds love [coriander]… some people’s taste buds think it tastes like soap.

“Just because what we have and what we do doesn’t taste right to you doesn’t mean that what we’re doing is wrong. It’s 2023. Open up your mind and have fun”.