Elle Brooke Reveals Her Earnings from Enticing Admirers

Elle Brooke’s earnings from her racy pic sales were revealed by the Man City fan on Twitter following a dig at a boxer, with critics taking aim at her line of work, until they saw her earnings

Man City fan and influencer Elle Brooke has hit out at internet trolls by revealing how much she earns from her racy pic sales.

Elle hit out at an unnamed boxer who she labelled a “mᴀssive f**king meme” in an X/Twitter post. The fuming tweet from September 17 racked up a hundred replies and hundreds of thousands of views.

The boxing star picked out one particular critic of her tweet relating to Luis Alcaraz Pineda, and took the time to show how much she earns monthly. Needless to say, it was quite the stunning cash haul for the Man City fan.

The star did not take recent criticism of her earnings lying down though, and revealed all on her monthly earnings, which are already comfortably in the six figures.

Taking to Twitter, one critic of Elle wrote: “Guess OF isn’t doing so well , hating on a guy who came from nothing.” It led to a rather flamed interaction, with Elle revealing just how much she makes in less than a month.

Attaching a screensH๏τ of her OnlyFans earnings, Elle tweeted: “This month so far, keep taking the bait lads x”. Her £214,973.43 ($266,423.84) earnings may be no surprise to those who have seen the recent appearances of the Man City fan.

A further screensH๏τ showed a gross earnings from her all time statements, with a net gain of £3,108,997.07 ($3,851,820.69) provided in a separate video Elle took.

Detractors who called her line of profession “not a real job” were hit out at too, with Elle adding she “pays more tax in a month than most people in a year.”

She may pay more tax than most, but the OnlyFans alumni is living the high life, as the Daily Star previously reported. Elle showed off the life of luxury for her fans earlier this month when she snapped her Airbus A380 seat.

Her first time on a double-decker plane proved exciting for a giddy Elle, who said it was “like being on the top bunk when you’re a kid.”