‘Men Go Wild for My Innocent Angel Persona, Earning Me £80k Monthly Through Racy Snaps’

Emily Ferrer admitted men are more attractive to her when she dresses as an angel as they create a fantasy about her. The 20-year-old earns a fortune from her racy snaps

A model spilled the beans on her racy venture where she pockets around £80,000 ($100,000) a month from posting Sєxy snaps. Emily Ferrer claimed she’s “99% angel”.

The influencer said men are more attracted to her when she dresses up as it helps them create a fantasy. The 20-year-old dedicates a lot of time to the angelic theme.

For her, extremely Sєxy and seductive women is generating less interest from men. But dressing up takes it to another level.

The influencer claimed lads are interested in her angelic snaps because it relates to purity.

She said: “There are many layers, we deal with very different people, but the desires are very similar.” Emily took the opportunity to also discuss men who sometimes feel scared or apprehensive of a more “powerful” and mature woman.

The beauty continued: “I realised that what they like is ‘modest and homely’ women.” Emily became known on the internet after making videos offering money or a mystery box to people on the street.

Strangers who accepted the box would receive a free month of her content on OnlyFans. She concluded: “I saw these mystery box videos with people handing out chocolate.

“I thought it would be funny if I gave them a subscription to my page.”

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