Pip Edwards Applies Tanning Oil to Herself, Enjoying Beach Time in Sydney’s Sweltering Heat Despite Previous Skin Cancer Campaign Appearance

Activewear guru Pip Edwards has been spotted lathering herself with tanning oil at the beach, despite previously promoting a skin cancer awareness campaign.

The 43-year-old famously stripped down for a pH๏τo shoot promoting Australian sunscreen brand Naked Sundays’ cancer awareness campaign, ‘Give Melanoma The Cold Shoulder’, back in September 2021.

Yet Pip seemingly forgot her commitment to sun safety on Sunday as she soaked up the rays at Camp Cove beach in Sydney’s Watson’s Bay.

As temperatures soared, the P.E. Nation fashion designer was seen spraying herself with a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic coconut tanning oil – a product that accelerates the tanning process.

Using any kind of oil to tan increases your risk of skin cancer.

The product that Pip was using offers an extremely low SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 6, which would not protect her skin from harmful UV rays in any meaningful way.

The Cancer Council recommends using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 when going outside.

When approached for comment, her publicist told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Pip was not sun-baking – she was enjoying a private day to herself at the beach just like the majority of Sydney siders over the weekend.’

‘I can confirm that she applied SPF50 sunscreen underneath the SPF30 tanning oil,’ the publicist said of the images – despite the fact that the tanning oil was SPF6.

‘Pip is very aware of the dangers of skin cancer in Australia and takes every step possible to remain sun and skin safe including yearly skin checks and SPF wear daily,’ Pip’s publicist added.

During her day in the sun, Pip was seen spritzing the tanning oil over her already-bronzed complexion as she lay on a blue beach towel that perfectly matched her one-piece swimming costume.

At times, the mother-of-one covered her head with a blue cap from her own fashion label and a pair of large sunglᴀsses.

She was seen sitting upright while listening to music for some time, before lying down on her stomach to make sure her backside was sufficiently bronzed.

Exactly two years ago, Pip made headlines by posing ɴuᴅᴇ for an edgy skin cancer awareness campaign with sunscreen brand Naked Sundays.

Posting the images to her Instagram page at the time, Pip was seen pulling a series of dramatic poses in front of a white background, with her bare chest artfully obscured from view behind a strategically-placed white table.

‘Skin is everything, and is a huge focus for me as I get older, especially after years of sun damage,’ she wrote in the caption.

‘It’s no secret that I love the sun, so this is why I’ve partnered with @naked_sundays to promote their campaign #givemelanomathecoldshoulder which encourages everyone to wear SPF every single day to protect your precious skin.’