Love Island Star Defies Instagram Restrictions, Flaunts Topless Look and Bares Bum

Kaitlynn Anderson, 30, who appeared in season 2 of the Love Island USA, posted the NSFW collection of snaps to her Instagram account, to the delight of her 1.1million fans

A former Love Island contestant who claims she’s ‘forever in Instagram jail’, has risked another sentence with a racy selection of pictures.

Kaitlynn Anderson, who appeared in season 2 of the US series, posted the NSFW collection of pH๏τographs to her account, much to the delight of her 1.1 million followers.

The 30-year-old Michigan native captioned her temperature-raising gallery: “It’s me, I’m for breakfast this morning.”

Striking a series of saucy poses, while topless in a classic kitchen in Italy, the former swimwear model quickly collected more than 40k likes.

In one pH๏τo she sits topless in a chair, with a strategically placed t-shirt over her shoulder and and a bowl of blueberries covering her modesty.

Another pH๏τo sees her with her back to the camera, eyeing a large cooker, with more than a hint of side-boob.

Fans took to the comments section in their hundreds to share their approval.

One user said: “The naked chef.”

While another added: “Oh my goodness you’re so damn H๏τ.”

A third said: “Gorgeous! If this doesn’t wake you up nothing will.”

And a fourth added: “Looks like my kind of breakfast.”

However one fan ignored what was going on in the foreground and observed: “I can’t get over that burner oven…damn.”

Surprisingly the 2020 Love Island contestant’s stay on the show was very brief, and she only lasted until episode five of the series, before she was booted off for failing to re-couple.

Since then, however, she has become an Instagram model and influencer, who is known for sharing swimwear and lingerie pH๏τos on her account.

She has also extended her racy offerings to both Twitter and OnlyFans, the latter of which is a free pics account and has gained over 500k likes.