Katie Price shows off gappy smile as veneer falls out as she films on TikTok

Reality TV queen Katie Price suffered a major blunder as one of her veneers fell out while she was recording a video on TikTok, leaving fans “disgusted” as she showed them the gap

Katie Price suffered a blunder during a TikTok recording when her veneer fell out.

The reality TV star showed fans the gap it had left and held it up to the camera to give fans a closer look.

She even poked her tongue through the gap, which left some fans “disgusted”.

Though it was towards the back of her mouth, other fans comforted her by saying at least the gap wasn’t at the front it wasn’t one of her front teeth.

Whereas others stated it would “give them nightmares”.

This isn’t the first time she’d had problems with her ‘Turkey teeth’ as in 2020, she had to get two replaced that fell out.

Earlier this week, she announced that her phone’s facial recognition system no longer works due to more work she’s had done.

Talking on her new The Katie Price Show podcast, Katie said: “When I went to Turkey, underneath the nose I wanted a lip lift.

“You know when people get their lips done, this is a different way where they cut under your nose and lift your lip.

“But the scar was horrific, so I had the scar redone and at the same time, I said you might as well give me a nose job because I thought it looked a bit wonky where they ballsed it up.

“But I can’t see any difference with my nose at the minute. But it’s still swollen and I’ve got sтιтches inside.”

Katie’s mum Amy has been very open about her dislike for Katie getting more cosmetic procedures done and has begged her to stop.

Amy recently said: “I absolutely hate it and she knows it.

“I think she… and I got her to admit it the other day as [I said] ‘You’ve got body dysmorphia.’ I don’t know what it is.

“You know you look alright but why do you think you need to tweak this, tweak that or have a tattoo or change her hair?”

The NHS describes body dysmorphic disorder as: “A mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance.”

In the chat, Amy added: “I think when there’s moments of upset or she’s not feeling right or she needs comfort in a way or hurt that’s what she does because she thinks she’s in control of herself.”