‘I’ve Invested £400k in Plastic Surgery and I’m Not Done Yet – My Next Goal is Rib Removal’

Stephanie Palomares spoke about all the plastic surgery procedures she’s had done over the years – plus her extreme plans for the future. Some fans are concerned about her obsession

Stephanie Palomares has splashed out more than £400,000 on plastic surgery – and she’s not done yet.

The influencer and aspiring rapper, 30, has had three boobs, five ʙuтт lifts, a nose job, cat eye surgery, Botox and veneers so she can “be whoever she wants to be”.

She also got lip fillers to give herself an XL pout – and spends up to £8,000 a month maintaining her glamorous look too.

You’d think the American bombshell would be bored of changing her looks by now. But in her most extreme move yet, she wants to get her ribs removed to give herself a more hourglᴀss shape.

She told Truly: “The next procedure I’m planning on getting is smaller breasts. I love my booty but I want these smaller.

“If I make these smaller, it will make my waist look smaller and my ʙuтт look bigger… I just wanna be really peтιтe so I want to get the breast reduction and full rib removal.”

Stephanie, from California, doesn’t seem to be concerned about the risks of the procedure. These include potential organ damage or lung collapse.

Rib removal surgery is illegal in many countries and is considered to be so dangerous that surgeons will often refuse to perform it.

In the comments section of the video, one responder warned: “Your ribs protect your lungs and heart! What is wrong with this lady.”

Another agreed: “Ribs are there for a reason! They protect your internal organs in the event of an accident that could damage them. Removing ribs is just insanity.”

A third asked: “Removing all her ribs??!! She does know they are there for protection?” And a fourth added: “Full rib removal isn’t safe love… don’t do it!”

But it doesn’t seem Stephanie will be taking these concerns on board. She said: “What I want to say to people who judge me is: ‘Go be happy. Don’t worry about me, I don’t worry about you – I don’t give a f***.”

Even though going under the knife comes with risk, Stephanie isn’t planning on stopping procedures any time soon. She even has some planned for the future.

The influencer added: “I don’t think I’ll ever stop having plastic surgery. I definitely want some kids so I’ll for sure do mummy makeovers.

“And one day when I’m an older lady I’m going to do the little mini face lift. I just want to keep myself looking H๏τ.”