‘I’ll pose in a ʙικιɴι but I’m sick of women stripping off online – it devalues us’

Influencer Wanessa Moura sometimes poses in swimwear, but said she’s had enough of women stripping off. She claims social media works to show certain kinds of pictures of women

An influencer known for donning glam looks said she’s sick of women stripping off because it “devalues” them.

Wanessa Moura made a recent complaint about social media policies as some platforms seem to be making life difficult for many people who work directly with them.

For a while she claims she’s noticed the difference in engagement in her publications, and thinks it’s to do with how much clothing she’s wearing in the snaps.

She said one platform “seems to favour nudity” as “the algorithm only delivers her ʙικιɴι pH๏τos”.

Wanessa, who also works as a model, publishes many fashion editorials where she appears in swimwear or lingerie, but also dons other looks too.

According to her, there appears to be a discrepancy in the likes she receives and the numbers of comments she gets on her snaps.

She’s adamant the differences have nothing to do with the interests of her 1.5million followers.

Instead she thinks it’s linked to what certain platforms favour and want people to see.

“I have already received messages from part of my audience saying that my posts do not appear for them”, she added.

She said research has already been carried out to investigate what happens in these applications, and the results allegedly showed that women with underwear or bathing suits are displayed 1.6 times more than images of them wearing clothes.

In the case of men, the rate is said to be around 1.3.

Wanessa said: “It is an extremely Sєxist situation, how can an algorithm be worked with a Sєxist and misogynistic bias?”

The influencer also added she does not condone nudity on the networks, because she believes it devalues women.

“I’m not in favour of women’s nudity on the internet,” she said.

“It doesn’t value us. But a pH๏τo of lingerie for a catalogue, a fashion editorial is no problem at all.

“What cannot happen is that these images stand out absurdly more than the others.”