How I Make £50k a Month as a Professional Companion – I’ve Even Secured a Spot in One Man’s Will

Char Borley regularly hits the headlines due to her niche career of being a professional girlfriend. It sees her earn £50,000 per month – and she’s more than happy to dish the dirt about it

A former Playboy model has revealed that men shell out thousands for her to be their “professional girlfriend” – and claims that one “addicted” fan has even placed her in his will.

Char Borley regularly hits the headlines due to her niche career, which sees her earn £50,000 per month.

And she’s more than happy to dish the dirt on her unconventional job.

The 40-year-old mum, who has posed for Nuts, Playboy and Page 3, has previously revealed that her 22-year-old daughter gives final approval on her saucy snaps.

And now, the model, who boasts 522,000 followers on Instagram @char.borley, has disclosed her “big hitter” cash cow – playing girlfriend to willing men online – saying this accounts for 70% of her monthly earnings.

“It’s crazy money, I have no idea how much I’ve made in total,” Char, who is from London and also works as a personal trainer, revealed.

“I call it the ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ – men pay to have me as their partner for a day, a week, or even a month, and it’s all online.

“They can message me whenever they want on my private phone number and they have access to me 24/7.

“Most are only interested in talking about how their day is going or to have some virtual company.”

Depending on the package purchased, with the top tier costing £1,000 per week, Char will offer daily phone calls, video interactions, saucy snaps, and even her expert tips on fitness.

Aside from her girlfriend gig, she works as a personal trainer and claims to charge up to £2,000 per hour for a workout session.

She said: “I had one guy who was looking to compete [in bodybuilding] and all he wanted was help with his diet and physique.

“I used to judge him and give advice, but it’s all about knowing what each person is looking for.

“One guy only wanted to talk me through his ‘perfect’ sandwich for lunch – it’s the little things which matter the most.”

While most of the clients appear wholesome, there are some who take things to the extreme – with the mum claiming one fan has even put her in his will.

Char added: “He’s spent over £30,000 on me this month and it all started with him buying my private phone number.

“After chatting for a while and getting to know each other, I quickly became his addiction and now I’m in his will.

“Most of them end up slightly addicted, they absolutely love it.”

Although the girlfriend gig is lucrative, it has caused some issues in Char’s dating life – with the model claiming that her real-life intimate connections are “few and far” between.

The 40-year-old said: “I don’t tell men at first [about my career], but all the guys who usually meet me know what I do, which can be difficult as they enjoy the fantasy rather than me as a person.

“I have too many ‘babies’ to contend with now, so I’m not looking for love and I think they’d get jealous if I did.

“One of my fans has been around since 2001 and calls himself my ‘online husband’, which is enough for now.

“I also get looks all the time in public and most are innocent, but then there will be some who go: ‘Oh, that’s where I know you from’ and change their tune.”

Due to her online popularity, Char finds it difficult to go out without being recognised, especially in her hometown – and not everyone supports her career.

She added: “Every time I go home, and in the town I live now, they think it’s amazing – but the industry has changed a lot over the past 10 years.

“It was very frowned upon when I first started and I got a lot of abuse, which made me feel ashamed.

“I used to be told ‘You have no dignity’ or ‘Respect yourself.’

“The slut-shaming got quite intense and at one point, I was so insecure that I nearly quit doing it completely.

“But with what it’s done to my life and given the security to do what I want, when I want, I’m now really proud and don’t care about what anybody else thinks.

“I used to get complaints from a female neighbour at my old home who saw me taking pictures in the garden – but they were the ones actively looking over.

“It was actually her husband, but she didn’t like that he was watching one bit.

“I don’t have neighbours now for that reason exactly.”