From Bullied to Beautiful: Girl Overcomes Trolls, Becomes Model Despite Ugly Stick Insult

April Opal used to be relentlessly picked on as a school girl for being a ‘genuinely ugly child’ and despite now being paid for her good looks, trolls still body shame her

A model scathingly took down an internet troll who told her she was “beaten with an ugly stick” – the same type of insult that used to be hurled in her direction at school.

April Opal was on track to study at Oxford but she now sells Sєxy pictures, generating up to £30,000 a month doing so. But despite earning riches, she is still targeted by a minority for her looks.

While she used to be tormented in the classroom and playground, she is now sent vitriol on social media, usually by anonymous accounts. And this week she responded to some cruel comments.

One TikTok user told her she was “beaten with an ugly stick” before she made a video about it. She responded: “If this is ugly, what the f*** are you mate? Because I am looking at your profile and it is dedicated to f*****g Liam Gallagher, so I can only ᴀssume the last time you touched a vagina is when you came out your own mothers.”

One of her fans replied with “you crack me up”, while others said they loved her videos and that she was “absolutely stunning”.

But April then found herself engaging with another keyboard basher who claimed she was “100% a man”. In her typically humorous manner, she told the camera: “I do not have a penis. What I do have is an unquenchable thirst for attention that comes from the fact that my dad left when I was 11 months old actually. So get your facts right.”

April, a 19-year-old from Middlesbrough, previously opened up to the Daily Star about her school days. And she said her current way of making a living was something she could never have dreamed of.

Remembering about her challenging childhood, she said: “I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to the fact that I’m paid for how I look because I was a genuinely ugly kid. I got relentlessly bullied for being an ugly kid.

“I will get a pH๏τo… like I was a genuinely strange child and as I got older it never really got better. This {above pH๏τo] was me at about 13,14, and I was overweight and I didn’t do my makeup and all of that s***.

“I have been heavily criticised for how I look and I was never anybody’’s first choice in school, nobody really fancied me. Which is totally fair enough because you don’t have to be attracted to everyone.

“But it is so strange now in adulthood, I am actually paid for looking a certain way. And I know there is going to be a comment saying ‘you are not paid for how you look it’s for flashing your f***y… but it is as well, stop lying.

“So yeah it is actually kind of strange, it is like I am constantly waiting for everybody else to be like actually ‘we are joking, we don’t like how you look and really we think you are still that weird that kid’. But that hasn’t happened yet so I should probably stop worrying about it.”

April is now travelling Asia thanks to the money she has made through her OnlyFans page. And her luxury lifestyle is a far cry from her not so distant past where she combined four jobs to help pay her bills.

The former children’s entertainer was also academically gifted and was in talks with Cambridge and Oxford to be a stem cell researcher. But she ditched education for saucy modelling from her bedroom instead.

As for what she will do with her income long term, she said: “My goal now is to set myself up and have fun while I can and see amazing things. But I do want to put money aside, buy properties and rent them out going forward.”

But as for the downside of having so many high paying subscribers, she joked: “The only s*** thing is when you earn what I earn you pay half of that to the government so you make £30,000 but you don’t really, you make half. Don’t get me wrong though, £15,000 isn’t bad, I can spend a month at a time in places so at the moment my money goes into travel, savings or the tax man.”