Fan Offers Model £50k to Maintain Natural Body

Emily Ferrer loves spoiling her fans as she boasts over 390,000 followers on Instagram. Now she shared how one cheeky admirer gushed over her “100% natural body”

Being a model with loads of followers can mean a lot of cheeky requests down the line.

Emily Ferrer has had her fair share of questionable demands from followers. The 20-year-old is certainly a treat online as she boasts 390,000 followers on Instagram.

The young influencer became famous for recording videos offering mystery boxes to people on the streets, where anyone who accepted received a free month of her adult content.

Now one fan who really admires her natural looks is desperate for her to never go under the knife. Emily has never had plastic surgery before.

She said: “He asked me to keep my body 100% natural.” The offer not only surprised her, but also made her rethink her future plans too.

The model decided to accept the challenge and adopt the stance that defies the often unrealistic standards of the beauty industry.

While Emily continues to deliver intriguing mystery boxes to her legion of followers, her choice to stay completely natural has made her one of the most sought after online.

She added: “I noticed that a lot of people start subscribing to my content because I’m natural, I think they’re tired of mounted women.”

Recently she also started offering PIX (Brazilian Instant Payment) instead of a subscription to people she meets on the street.

Previously, Emily admitted she earns £80,000 a month from her racy snaps as men love it when she dresses like an innocent angel. She claimed she’s “99% angel”.

For her, extremely Sєxy and seductive women is generating less interest from men. But dressing up takes it to another level.

The influencer claimed lads are interested in her angelic snaps because it relates to purity.