Daring designer sends models down catwalk in swimwear made of TAPE that leaves very little to the imagination

The strategically placed tape that covered the models’ most intimate areas is the brainchild of pH๏τographer Joel Alvarez and forms part of The Black Tape Project

While the saying “less is more” may apply in most fashion situations, one designer has taken it to the extreme..

Artist Joel Alvarez sent models down the runway at Miami Swim Week in rather inventive, very skimpy ʙικιɴιs made of TAPE.

The pH๏τographer-cum-designer presented his range of “swimwear,” in the form of one and two-pieces and even mankinis made of nothing but tape in bright colours and metallics.

Created by fashion house, Black Tape Project, the sticky collection may be discernible as non- bathing suits from a far, but up close it was clear that it was in fact strategically placed tape, and not fabric, that covered the models’ most intimate areas.

Joel reveals on his website that he started his project back in 2008 after a model requested a pH๏τoshoot, in which she’d be covered in black tape.

“So I basically wrapped her in black electrical tape,” he said. “Mind you she looked like 2 Christmas hams wrapped in rubber bands when I was done. I’d never show you these images! BUT It sparked an idea in my head.”

According to The Daily Mail, Joel then began taking pH๏τos of Hooters waitresses covered in the electrical tape, before moving on to incorporate a variety of tape for more shoots.

He sold his work in Miami nightclubs, then taking them international to Ibiza, France, Norway and Canada.

After Joel pH๏τographed a former Miss Puerto Rico and uploaded a video of their shoot, it went quickly viral; receiving 7 million views and over 50,000 shares. He currently has nearly 70K followers on his Instagram page, where he says he gets many inquiries into his tape-made looks.

For the DIY-minded consumer looking to recreate the look, Joel sells the golden tape for up to $49.99 (£37.63).