ʙικιɴι babe strips to lingerie to flaunt weight loss and says she feels ‘a million bucks’

A ʙικιɴι babe stripped to lingerie to show off her weight loss and said she feels “a million bucks”.

Karina Irby is known for sharing body positive advice with her over one million Instagram followers.

She often celebrates her curves and cellulite but in a recent post she flaunted her weight loss progress and told fans she’s feeling a lot healthier.

The swimwear designer slipped into lacy and vibrant purple undies as she smiled for the camera.

She beamed with joy as she revealed how her body has changed since she cut out sugar, and she looked so confident and happy.

The blonde beauty still allowed her body to relax, and exposed its natural creases and blemishes, even though she admitted she’s been working to tone up.

“I did a hard and heavy workout last night. Fuelled by body with a delicious dinner.

“And spent a solid 20 minutes doing self care before bed.

“Therefore I woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks!

“It’s amazing what taking time for yourself can do for your physical and mental health.

“This is your post to remind you do DO SOMETHING FOR YOU TODAY! It’s not selfish!”

Karina previously opened up about how she’s been focusing more on her health – and this led her to shed a few pounds.

Even though she’s known for sharing body positive content, back in March she said she needed to rid some bad habits that were helping her to cope with stress, and she didn’t think she’d be able to do it at first.

Karina said she wanted to reduce her binge eating, and now she feels a lot “lighter” both mentally and physically.

She said she’s happier, more confident, has a lot more energy and is sleeping better as a result.

Since she shared the post more than 33,000 people have liked it, and several people commented too.

One person said: “Yes girl! I started working out, and my mental health is so much better.”

Another added: “So much respect for you and the goals you achieve and make for yourself.

“It actually motivates me to work out every day since also.”

Meanwhile, a third also commented: “Needed this reminder really for this entire week. It’s been a rough one so tonight I did just this!”