‘AI perverts could ruin my racy career without tougher laws against fake content’

A controversial X-rated actress has admitted she’s scared of Artificial Intelligence destroying the porn industry.

Aaliyah Yasin – also known as ThatBritishGirl – has been making waves in the UK adult industry as a pioneer for British Pakistani Muslims, and is among the most popular on the OnlyFans platform.

But there is one thing that threatens her success, as well as the very fabric of the industry has a whole.

Artificial Intelligence porn has seen a slew of videos and content made featuring pornstars without them actually taking part.

And the realism of those has led some to believe that the content is real.

However, speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Aaliyah, 26, said: “That’s where I draw the line. For example, if it’s me as a Sєx worker, or if it’s just the crush next door, is technically revenge porn away, is it not?

“Because you are creating a video of them in that Sєxual scenario, and then you decide to put it out there for the whole world to see.

“What if someone’s parents saw it or their family, the whole school sees it?

“Stricter rules need to come in for stuff like that, because, yes, if they’re creating content using my face, and it’s going out there for free, of course, I’m gonna have an issue because that’s my idenтιтy – it’s not it’s not fair, really, and I don’t like it.”

There are also scenarios where Aaliyah can see the technology being used to make the “impossible” a reality, no matter how vulgar it is.

“It could be a girl riding a horse and then taking the a*s at the same time,” she added.

“It’s just opening up avenues for people to explore their fetishes and other ways.”

In an ironic twist, it was actually technology that got Aaliyah into the adult industry.

The former bank manager, who was brought up in a strict Muslim household, was a mᴀssive gamer girl.

She describes her social life as being “very closed off” and she wasn’t allowed to go out, meaning she was without friends so threw herself into gaming.

Her list of favourite games includes Call of Duty: Warzone, Grand Theft Auto Five and Counter Strike.

All of these games have online chat functions, and this is where her journey began – although she admits to looking “very different” then to how she looks now.

She said: “I spoke to so many different boys and flirted with them.

“I was six-and-a-half stone heavier back then, so didn’t get much attention offline.

“I would share ɴuᴅᴇs with the guy I was playing with, and that escalated further with my ex-husband.

“That relationship was very stale in the bedroom, and I was would go four or five months without any intimacy or any interaction.”

Continuing the gaming theme, Aaliyah moved on to discover the world of Discover servers, which are a bit like the modern version of chat rooms.

While there, she joined the Not Safe For Work servers and began “showing off” that way.

Her ex was not happy, but it sparked a conversation about joining Only Fans where she decided that, if she was sharing pictures of herself naked, she might as well get paid for it – she now rakes in a whopping £30k per month on average for her content

Her OF account began as a “foot fetish” account, which developed into ɴuᴅᴇs without showing her face.

This was mainly done out of fear because of her Muslim background and threats from extended family members.

She once received a phone call from a sibling to warn her that she needed to call the police because an extended family member was going to “take you away” – they had previously had her cousin “shipped off to Pakistan and forced to marry someone out there” at the age of 17.

Aaliyah is now confident that showing her face won’t bring her any physical harm – although she does get a lot of abuse on social media from people claiming to be Musilm.

To clarify, Aaliyah is now in a safe location, which the Daily Star does not know in order to protect her from any potential backlash.