Racy Twitch streamer banned for ‘twerking’ says she got less for ‘nipslip’

Twitch streamer Alinity Divine was banned from the platform for twerking while fully clothed, despite getting away with a wardrobe malfunction in the past — branding the situation a ‘JOKE’

A racy Twitch streamer has been banned from the platform for twerking, despite getting away with a less severe punishment when she had a ‘nipslip’.

Alinity Divine has been streaming content on Twitch for many years, but was left fuming on Tuesday (May 30), when her account got banned.

She took to Twitter to vent her frustration and suggested that she’s thinking of moving her content to a different platform.

Alinity wrote: “Got banned on twitch for TWERKING. Yes, really. What a bull*** a** platform, thinking on taking business somewhere else.”

She then added in the comments section: “3 f***ing days. I got less when I had a nipslip. what a JOKE.”

Just 15 minutes later she tweeted the video that got her banned, along with the caption: “Clip that got me banned. The irony.”

In the video, the brunette beauty is seen wearing a тιԍнт grey dress as she dances and twerks to the music performed by her DJ pal.

Alinity didn’t stop there however, she then took to the comments section again and explained how she escalated her complaint with Twitch.

She wrote: “When I tell them that there’s way worse in the platform, all Twitch says is: ‘well it needs reported for a ban’ so I guess go ahead and report anything you think it worse than this, cause there is lots.”

Her loyal legion of 400,000 followers flocked to the comments section, with one exclaiming: “From the clip you posted. I don’t think you should be Banned for that. You are fully clothed, and it wasn’t towards a Sєxual manner. It was just Dancing.”

A second said: “This ban is SO messed up.. I saw the clip. it was musical, creative, fully clothed with good vibes”, while a third added: “Twitch has been a joke for years, I’m shocked most people haven’t went to other platforms yet.”

Others however pointed out that twerking has not been allowed on Twitch for a number of years.

One wrote: “As much the ban us stupid, but was twerking not a thing that was never allowed? As i remember twerking was the only thing that streamers was never allowed to do since years.”

A second quipped: “Pretty sure twerking has been a big nono on Twitch since 2016 when Zoey Burgher (or whatever her name was) started doing it for subs, got banned a few times for it, til she was permad then moved to YouTube.”

And a third added: “Not that I think twerking should get you banned AT ALL, but hasn’t twerking been clearly banned for years on Twitch? I remember it was super trendy to do donos for twerking before Twitch made a rule about it. Again, I still think it shouldn’t matter…”