Kylie Jenner uploads video showing breast milk on her shirt

She gave birth back in March

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For Kylie Jenner, becoming a mother has completely changed her lifestyle. During a TikTok video she filmed inside her car, Jenner noticed a wet spot on her chest and showed it on camera.

Jenner gave birth back in March and took to social media to announce that her son with Travis Scott would be named Wolf Webster.

“Oh, looks like I’m lactating,” Kylie said, pointing to the stain on her shirt.

“So last time I did a TikTok in the car, it seemed to just piss some people off. I think some people thought it was, like, fake or that I really don’t drive myself which is just silly.

“So, I was thinking we could start a series called ‘Kylie in the Kar'”.

In an Instagram story she posted back in March, Jenner revealed that the postpartum period has been anything but easy for her.

“This experience for me, personally has been a little harder than with my daughter,” she said.

“It’s not easy, mentally, physically, spiritually.

“I just want to say to my postpartum moms that postpartum has not been easy. It’s not been easy, it’s very hard.”