Jennifer Lopez’s spectacular swimsuit pose that has her fans questioning her real age

She took social media by storm

Jennifer Lopez continues to show the world that age is nothing more than a number. Her latest pH๏τos she has uploaded to Instagram, in which she looks very youthful, corroborate this. She is in Georgia, relaxing in her mansion in the Hamptons.

Everything seems to indicate that the artist was taking a few moments of relaxation and rest after the previous day. She attended Michael Rubin’s mᴀssive 4th of July party, which ended in the early hours of the morning, so it was necessary to spend that ‘hangover’ in the sun.

Jennifer Lopez’s swimsuit post

“I hope everyone had a great weekend full of love, family, friends and fun,” Jennifer Lopez wrote on her Instagram account on Wednesday, July 5. Wearing big sunglᴀsses and a necklace with her name on it, the artist posed spectacularly in a pink swimsuit, proving that she still feels and looks like a twenty-something at almost 54 years of age.

A publication that has raised some suspicions among her followers. Some even wondered “how old is Jennifer Lopez?” Others compared her shape to the famous film ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin ʙuттon’, insinuating that, instead of ageing, the singer of songs such as ‘You belong to me’ was getting younger with age.

But the facts and the maths don’t fail: Jennifer Lopez was born on 24 July 1969 in the Bronx. She still looks radiant, but little or nothing is known about whether or not she has any foolproof tricks. Her biggest secret seems to be good nutrition and exercise, key to keeping her body toned. No alcohol, no caffeine, zero processed or sugary foods. Although that doesn’t stop her from indulging herself from time to time.

She herself has always been very strict on these issues, but not so much to look almost perfect, but to keep in shape. In fact, she recently declared that “as long as you’re healthy, the important thing is to love yourself”, in a boast to give her followers more confidence. “I rarely skimp,” she said