‘I will parade in my pants for as long as I like!’: Sarah Jayne Dunn hits back at trolls as she is slammed for posing in lingerie as ‘a mother in her 40s’

Sarah Jayne Dunn hit back at trolls on Monday after she was slammed for posing up a storm in lingerie as ‘a mother in her 40s’.

The former soap star, 41, took to her Instagram story to post a message to her critics after the snaps of her in skimpy pink underwear went up last week.

The mother-of-one wrote: ‘To the guy (that was following me on here) that just put a c****y comment about me being a mother in my 40s and how because of that I shouldn’t be parading in my pants.

‘Don’t come at me today, I am not in the mood. I will parade in my pants for as long as I like.

‘Regardless of my age or parental status and you can kindly f**k off, blocked.’

Sarah Jayne shares six-year-old son Stanley with her fitness trainer husband Jonathan Smith.

Her impᴀssioned post comes after she shared a lingerie-clad snap to Instagram last week, showing off her figure in a pink underwear set.

Elsewhere, Sarah Jayne stripped down to lacy yellow lingerie for a video of herself dressing on Monday.

The OnlyFans star took to Instagram to show off her Easter look in a ‘Get Ready With Me’ upload.

Sarah Jayne began standing in just her brightly coloured underwear set, which left her thigh tattoo on display.

The actress then dressed with the camera rolling, until she was clad in a cropped tank top and white skirt, which she teamed with a patterned blazer and orange kitten heels.

It comes after Sarah recently launched a fresh attack on Hollyoaks bosses, branding them hypocritical for sacking her over her OnlyFans career.

Speaking on the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast, she claimed she was once left feeling ‘violated’ over a Sєx scene with an enthusiastic new actor.

She also accused bosses of making one unnamed actress cry after a naked shower scene which she said was done on ‘their terms’.

A spokesperson for the soap has told MailOnline that they were ‘unaware’ of Sarah’s complaints relating to her time on Hollyoaks.

Sarah was famously sacked from the Channel 4 soap, in which she starred as Mandy Richardson for refusing to stop doing her OnlyFans content.

But she claims she had asked the soap’s chiefs if it would be alright for her to put Sєxy pictures of herself on the website, and she claims they gave her approval – only to fire her later for it.

Sarah, who played Mandy on the soap on and off from 1996 until her 2021 sacking, said: ‘They knew about it. I’d had meetings, I’d had zoom meetings. I told them that I was considering the platform.

‘They hesitated, they weren’t sure, and when I explained that I wouldn’t be doing explicit content – obviously that’s not my thing – I would literally be just moving my content from Instagram to OnlyFans, they OK’d it internally.

‘The way that the contract works is that you have to get permission to do anything outside of the programme. And I’m a good girl, I always have been, I’m very professional, so I went down all the right avenues.’

She said it was all OK ‘until I launched’, adding ‘so that’s when it wasn’t OK’.

Sarah said even though programme bosses objected on the grounds it was an over-18s platform and the show had a youth audience, they had known that when they gave the green light previously.

She added: ‘Apparently one cast member complained. I’d love to know (who), I have my suspicions.’

She believes the situation ‘blew up so much’ because Hollyoaks had lost control of images of her, but she was doing nothing different to the promotional pictures she was contractually obliged to do.

Hitting out at the ‘hypocrisy of the whole thing’, she said: “I think what irked them was the fact that I took control of myself.

‘I went “this is what I’m doing, are you OK with that?”, “we’re ok with that”, and then I did it and suddenly they weren’t ok with that.

‘For me, reading into it, it’s the fact that they don’t have control and they can’t monetise from it.’

When contacted by MailOnline, a Hollyoaks spokesperson said: ‘Duty of care for our cast and crew is of paramount importance to us.

‘We are unaware of any complaints from Sarah Jayne Dunn relating to the time she describes on the Hollyoaks set. Hollyoaks adheres to strict protocols on set to protect and safeguard our team.’

Sarah has previously said she plans to give up appearing on the platform when her son Stanley, six, is a teenager.