Hoan Kiem Lake - Ha Noi Capital
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Hanoi capital – The land of a thousand years of civilization

Vietnam tourism definitely cannot ignore Hanoi capital – a land of thousands of years of civilization, associated with the heroic history of the Vietnamese nation. Walking around Hanoi 36 streets, many typical old quarters, preserving ancient architecture as well as long-standing traditional values, visitors will immediately fall in love with the peaceful beauty of this place at first sight.

Hoan Kiem Lake - Ha Noi Capital
Hoan Kiem Lake – Ha Noi Capital

The beauty of Hanoi is hard for anyone to feel only once when coming here, because Hanoi is beautiful in everyone’s eyes from the smallest things. Just carrying a street vendor costs a lot of poets and poets, just a branch of chrysanthemum flower can make love for couples or the first dish of the season also creates a unique feature that few places have. which can be.

The festival is also the thing that leaves the most impression in the hearts of tourists from all over the world. Already the capital of the country, Hanoi has thousands of historical stories, unique spiritual festivals, especially Tet. If you come to Hanoi on Tet holiday, visitors will have a moment of surprise to the “no-one’s passing” Hanoi.

Relics combining culture and people have created Hanoi a beauty of thousands of years of civilization that few countries in the world have all these three factors.

Discovering ancient and poetic relics and landscapes will be unforgettable experiences in the hearts of domestic and foreign tourists. The street vendors in the early morning or the familiar sidewalk iced tea shops also partly show the idyllic, close and friendly beauty of the people of the capital.

Ba Dinh Square
Ba Dinh Square


Ha Noi opera house
Ha Noi Opera House



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