‘From Target of Trolls to Miss England Beauty Queen: Overcoming Bullying for My Appearance’

Dalia Cromwell, 24, was picked on as a youngster due to her size by cruel classmates who would whistle the McDonald’s theme as she walked past. But now she got the last laugh

A woman teased at school for being “fat and ugly” got the last laugh after becoming a Miss England beauty queen.

Dalia Cromwell was trolled due to her size by students who would whistle the McDonald’s theme as she walked past.

They would also make “rumbling earthquake” sounds as she went to classes and ended up eating lunch in the toilets.

Despite her low-esteem at 15st, the 24-year-old bounced back after creating an alter-ego called “The Extra Girl”.

She went onto shed 4st and has since garnered 1.4million followers on TikTok.

It quickly made her a huge hit as she began wearing brightly coloured suits and fur jackets.

She’s now in the running to be crowned the next Miss England after reaching the semi-finals.

Dalia came to the country in search of a better life after being born in the Netherlands to Iraqi parents.

Now living in Kensington, London, she works in digital marketing after graduating from Bournemouth University.

Speaking about her past, Dalia said: “The bullying started when I was around 13. It was awful really. I was overweight.

“People would whistle the McDonald’s theme tune when I walked past.

“They would also make rumbling sounds like an earthquake.

“People would call me fat and ugly. There was physical bullying too.”

Despite losing 4st, Dalia is still proud of her curvier figure.

She began posting videos on social media and soon created her own signature style offering advice on lifestyle topics.

“I’m just an ordinary girl that has genuinely impacted people,” Dalia admitted.

“Each video is specific to a mindset problem regarding friendships, breakups and self-confidence.”

She continued: “I’ve always wanted to influence my whole life but with a purpose.

“I wanted people to change their perspective on life issues which we all experience.

“Many young people message me saying thank you for helping me and that is truly the reason I carry on.”

Dalia hopes to still use her TikTok for charity work and influence the younger generation of today.

She’s now competing in her first ever beauty pageant when she takes to the catwalk at the Miss England semi-finals.

The influencer hopes to woo the judges in Blackpool this October.

She concluded: “To represent the country as Miss England would be a dream come true.

“I was so happy to come to England and have opportunities I’ve had here, I couldn’t be more grateful.

“England has given me the chance to grow and excel here so representing the nation would be an honorary тιтle.

“I got a chance to live and be raised here and made the most of it.

“No matter how hard life was I stayed empathetic and kind in my personal life and online.

“This is my first ever beauty pageant. I’m very excited for it.

“I love how Miss England is a diverse compeтιтion featuring women from every walk of life.”