Faye Winter Opens Up About Being A ‘Step-Mum’ For Five Years Before Love Island

Love Island star Faye Winter has revealed that she took on the role of step-mum for five years ahead of going into the villa.

The reality star, 27, appeared on the dating show in 2021 but revealed that she was almost engaged before making the decision to sign up as a contestant.

Love Island’s Faye Winter Shares Reason Behind Teddy Soares Split

Faye, who split from her Love Island beau Teddy Soares earlier this year, joined the Saving Grace podcast where she got candid about being a step-mum to her ex-boyfriend’s child before heading into the villa.

She said: “My first boyfriend, of five years, I was a step-mum for five years, at 18 until 23.”

Faye continued: “I actually used to do the school run on my own and got a lovely car out of it, perfect.”

She then explained to TikTok star GK Barry that she almost got engaged to her former long-term partner and reflected on their relationship.

“He bought the engagement ring,” explained Faye, “Told my sister he was going to propose in the July, we broke up in the January, and then he used my ring [to propose to someone else].”

She then said that after bumping into her ex and his new fianceé, she made the decision to talk to them to squash any bad blood.

This comes just weeks after Faye opened up about the reason behind her split from Teddy, telling MailOnline earlier this month that ultimately they were just ‘in different places’.

She said: “It’s been very obvious, especially over the last few months, we just wanted different things. We were just in different places.”

“And you know, relationships… they’re hard, you know, they’re hard things to maintain. People go through breakups every single day. People go through heartbreak every single day.

“It’s just part of life and it’s a really difficult situation to go through. I’m not ready. I don’t know if I will ever be ready to disclose what fully happened between us because that is between me and Teddy.”