Ebanie Bridges moves to the north – and has one big complaint about the locals

Boxing star Ebanie Bridges has made her feelings clear on northern drivers after moving up from EsSєx – and, as usual, the Blonde Bomber didn’t hold back

Ebanie Bridges has blasted northern drivers, branding them c***s after moving home.

The Blonde Bomber has been based in EsSєx but has now moved to Yorkshire, which means she will be closer to her beloved Leeds United. The boxing superstar is upbeat about the move north but she has declared one downside – the drivers.

In typical no-nonsense fashion, the Aussie beauty took to Twitter to make her feelings clear. She tweeted: “A big difference between the north & EsSєx that I’ve noticed is y’all northerners are c***s on the road & have no etiquette. I swear drivers in EsSєx are so sweet & chilled & I never experienced road rage… it’s like people up here are angry f****** on the road…. CHILL.. I still love you but please relax on the road.”

Perhaps mindful of not upsetting any of her new neighbours, Bridges then added: “Northerners are nicer and friendlier [100% emojis] except for when it comes to the road! I swear haha.”

A few of her thousands of followers actually agreed. One replied: “All true. Lived in Sheffield 20 years and people yell at me for pulling on to my drive. I also get yelled out for not mounting curbs at 20 mph and f****** up my alloys.”

Another said: “I got two fingers the other day for having the audacity to filter into a lane when it went from 2 lanes to 1…… I’m a reyt b******, me.”

Meanwhile, one fan quipped: “That’s because of the slow EsSєx drivers up here doing our heads in Ebs.” That drew a laughing response from Bridges.

In defence of northern drivers, one fan joked: “We expect people to know what they’re doing up here and be efficient, people aren’t the brightest down there and they need more room for error.”