Burger King employee who bonked customer in car park has even racier job now

Award-winning adult performer Angela White claims she used to have “quickies” in the car park with men she flirted with on the drive-thru, while working at Burger King before her career took off

A world-famous adult actress has lifted the lid on her life before the industry, revealing she’d flirt with customers at the Burger King drive-thru.

Angela White was being interviewed by Glenny Balls on his OnlyStans podcast when she was asked about other jobs she’s had outside the industry.

The 38-year-old Brazzers actress explained how she has previously worked in a department store – and even spent some time behind the counter at Burger King.

In a segment from the show, which has gained more than 9,500 likes, Angela White explained: “I worked at a department store called David Jones in Australia. It’s kind of like a Fifth Avenue style. And I worked at Burger King.”

Glenny was taken aback when she mentioned the fast food favourite and asked the OnlyFans star what her favourite thing was about working at the restaurant.

He was correct in ᴀssuming it would be a “Sєx thing” as Angela claims she enjoyed getting flirty with the customers while handling their orders on the drive-thru.

But on one occasion the flirting went a little too far as she claims she had Sєx with a customer in the car park.

She explained: “I Worked the drive-thru, and the drive-thru was a really great way to flirt with customers because you’re away from the boss and picked up.

“Drive-thru was an honour, by the way, if you work drive-thru, you were smart.”

Glenny asked her to explain how she “picked up” at the drive-thru, to which she replied that she had Sєx “in the car park.”

Stunned he asked: “So, you instantly met him in the drive-thru and then f**ked in the parking lot. That is awesome. Good for him, man.”

She said: “It’s just a quickie it’s fine.”

To which, the podcast host declared: “That’s the dream.”

Burger King has been contacted for a comment regarding the claims made in the podcast.